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Discover the true essence of a place

| Slow Tourism |



We believe that gastronomy it’s more than just food, it’s how you can experience the rich culture and diversity of each place you visit. Take things slow, dedicate time to explore what’s hidden behind the touristic spots. And of course, visit local eateries, taverns, restaurants. In the same way, taste their lifestyle by immersing in their traditional cuisine. For us, traveling and eating are both cultural experiences and when combined properly you can actually begin savouring the reality of a place.

What else? Your next destination awaits to unravel its yummy secrets to you!

Taste the flavors of local delicacies from scatch

| Alios Tours Cooking Classes |



Cook like a local. Indeed, eating is a personal activity but cooking craves company. In other words, food has the power to communicate our beliefs, our experiences and our sociocultural backgrounds. Learning how to cook stimulates all of your five senses. Especially, chopping aromatic herbs, combining unique spices, mixing up fresh local ingredients. And of course, at the same time connecting with others.

What else? At the end there will be a heavenly creation awaiting for you.

Explore all the steps that lead to the final product

| 360° food experience |



What does it take for a specific kind of food to end up on our tables at its final fully eatable and super tasty form? As a matter of fact, months, even years of growing and maturing, waiting patiently to reach the pick state of flavor. Then, comes the harvesting or extremely detailed picking part, cleaning and preparing to be processed and some much more. In essence, these all sound interesting. But, compared to experiencing the whole transformation with your own eyes, seeing the different stages and tasting along… Well, it’s just magical.

What else? Learn the history of Greek foods in a 360° kind of experience. No more questions of how it got here, because you have already been there!

Alios Tours Testimonials

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