cooked chickpeas recipe in the clay pot

Clay-Baked Chickpeas Recipe from Mount Athos

This chickpeas recipe is my favorite recipe with chickpeas. To be honest, I love everything that has to do with chickpeas or legumes in general. I have tried many different recipes from various places in the world, and I couldn’t decide which one is the best until I tried this one. You see, my father

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athens food tour in delicatesseria

A Night In ALIÓS Greek Food Tour Heaven

You’ve probably heard of a wine pairing meal or event, maybe even experiencing a few yourself. But have you ever participated in a food pairing evening? One where you pick the beverage and the food brought before you is matched accordingly. This concept was totally new to me and so when I had the opportunity

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santorini fava recipe | alios tours

Santorini Fava Recipe

Santorini fava is a must  dish when you visit the famous island! What makes the dish special are the fava beans that grow in Santorini. If you have been in Greece, you already know that fava is a very popular meze to accompany seafood and ouzo. But if you have been in Santorini, then most

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greek eggplant salad recipe | alios tours

Santorini Eggplant Salad Recipe

Greek eggplant salad is the epitomy of appetizers! It is known as Melitzanosalata and there plenty of different recipes depending on the destination! We are presenting the authentic eggplant salad from Santorini, using the unique white eggplants that grow locally. Greek eggplant salad or melitzanosalata is a dip made with eggplants  which have been grilled or

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Greek Zucchini Balls

Greek zucchini ball with yogurt dip is a must summer dish! Known as Kolokythokeftedes and they are the BEST appetizer or snack for the beach! Flavor-packed frittes with loads of aromatics, fresh parsley, peppermint and dill! You can either fry your zucchini balls or bake them in the oven. We usually fry them as they

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greek meatballs recipe | alios tours

Greek Meatballs AKA Soutzoukakia

If you haven’t tried Greek meatballs in tomato sauce, you are in for a treat! Known as Soutzoukakia and they are the BEST! Flavor-packed meatballs with loads of aromatics, fresh parsley, ground cumin, cooked in fresh tomato juice! Plus, my grandma’s secret ingredient that makes these Greek meatballs extra juicy! Soutzoukakia is an all-time favorite

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greek orzo with shrimps | alios tours

Greek orzo with shrimps

Greek orzo cooked in a pan with fresh tomatoes, onion, red pepper, leek, ouzo shrimps and a topping of feta and fresh parshley is a favorite Greek dish for the hot days of the summer. In fact, it is kind of the perfect meal for a day after the sea or at the porch with

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Food Traditions on Greek Independence Day

There’s a lot going on in Greece at any time of year, least of all seasonal holidays. Religious celebrations take precedent, with Easter and Christmas the perfect excuse for a family get-together, and food traditions play a huge part. Another popular celebration is Greek Independence Day, this year taking place on 25 March. This national

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