5 Best Cooking Classes in Greece

A cooking class in Greece is perfect for travellers who want to take home not just a souvenir, but a piece of true Greece.

Along with its rich culture and history, Greece is well-known for its unique cuisine. The fresh ingredients, be it vegetables, meat or seafood, combined with the masterfully produced olive oil make traditional Greek recipes both mouthwatering and healthy. Most tourists enjoy Greek dishes in cafes and restaurants during their holidays in Greece, but few actually get “behind the scenes” of traditional Greek cooking. While you’re on holidays enjoying all Greece has to offer, why not spend a few hours learning how to make Greek dishes, enjoying good company and having fun?

We have compiled 5 cooking classes from around Greece that will add a yummy and fun twist to your next holiday!

chios cooking class

Chios is a stunning island in the North Aegean, perfect for those who want to discover Greece off the beaten path. There are plenty of activities to do in Chios, but the Chios Cooking Class is certainly highlighted.

In this 4-hour, hands-on Chios Cooking Class, food enthusiasts learn Greek recipes and techniques and cook famous traditional dishes. In the backyard of a famous historic house of Kampos, you will enjoy the true Greek feeling. With our Chef’s instructions, you will see a different world unfolding in front of you and get a better understanding of the local cooking philosophy. You will prepare a 3-course menu using fresh and seasonal ingredients and discover traditional cooking techniques. You will be equipped with a personal apron and a cooking kit to actually prepare everything for yourself! When you are done cooking, we move to the table to enjoy the handmade dinner along with a glass of wine.

Bonus points: the cooking class takes place in a beautiful historic mansion.Website: https://aliostours.com/tours-3-chios-cooking-class/

lemnos cooking class

If you are looking to be introduced to the secrets of Greek gastronomy and get hands-on experience on the delicious treats of Lemnos Island, Mama Marika, an excellent local cook, will welcome you in her house. In her kitchen, the “command centre” of her culinary adventures, you will learn all about the wealth of Lemnian flavours. First, you will help her make delicious cheese pies, using the island’s star as your main ingredient, the world-renowned “Kalathaki” cheese. Then, with her help, you will prepare various local recipes, using fresh vegetables and herbs coming directly from our garden. She will proudly share her secrets with you and in the end, you will taste the food you just cooked with a glass of local wine or tsipouro. On your forks, get set, let the good times roll!

Website: https://tastelemnos.com/lemnos-experiences/cooking-with-mama-marika

athens cooking class

Get to know the gastronomical tradition of Greece by cooking Greek recipes in a private culinary hub in downtown Athens. Team up with a trained chef to uncover the flavour combinations and cooking techniques that give Greek cuisine its delicious character. Look for ingredients amid the local vendors and produce-packed stalls of Athens Central Market and then head to the kitchen to whip up a tasty lunch! Get your hands dirty and prepare Greek appetizers like ‘tzatziki’ and the world-famous Greek salad; roll up your sleeves to create your very own phyllo pie with a rich cheese filling. And the best of all? Prepare your personal dish of ‘moussaka’, the king of the Greek cuisine. Under the guidance of a local chef, the journey into the world of Greek cuisine ends with lots of pictures and smiles. Savour the fruits of your labour with the company of a glass -or two- of fine Greek wine and engage in a cheerful conversation with new friends from around the world.

Website: https://greeking.me/tours/24-greek-ambrosia

samos cooking class

Learn the secrets of Greek cuisine on this 4-hour cooking lesson and lunch experience. Visit one of the most popular “tavernas” in Samos to learn cooking secrets from your instructor, with easy instructions and plenty of hands-on cooking! Get tips from a professional chef as you learn to make authentic Greek recipes. Explore their secrets of Samian cousin and enjoy a lunch with Samos homemade wine

Website: https://samosoutdoors.com/product/cook-like-a-greek/

The Greek Cooking Workshop at The Olive Farm in Western Crete takes place at a local traditional olive press that has been operating since the mid 19th century. You will learn to cook local recipes and try delicacies and wine produced in the area. The Olive Farm is a tranquil spot with a purpose-built outdoor kitchen (as well as indoor facilities). The farm is run on sustainable principles, producing wonderful fresh organic fruit and vegetables, herbs and olives, all of which we use in our cooking. We often run vegetarian and vegan events, so just let us know what you are most interested in.

Website: https://handpickedgreece.com/

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