A local’s insight to Greek tavernas

A local’s insight into Greek tavernas is the guide we create to help you order like a local. If you believe that you visiting Greece means just experiencing some striking views and the rich archaeological history, oh well, think twice. Greek cuisine is the core of Greek culture. The rituals of meals in greek culture are sacred. And the Greek taverna is definitely one of them. So, let’s start.

Firstly, what you should know is that Greek meals are like social events. They are never fast. So, don’t rush it. It is absolutely normal to take hours over lunch or dinner in Greece. You really don’t have to be in a hurry when eating in Greece.

Also, Greeks don’t include only one dish per person. They say that sharing is caring and in Greece, we take this into a whole new level. So, try to order many Greek delicacies as appetizers and share them with your friends or family. 

Another custom in Greek tavernas is the bread. As soon as you sit on the table, the waiters will bring you pieces of fresh bread, sometimes extra toasted and drizzled with oregano and olive oil. 

Moreover, according to where you are in Greece, the appetizers will vary. However, you can definitely rely on tzatziki (our favorite yoghurt dip with cucumber, dill, and garlic) and tirokafteri (a spicy cheese sauce mixed with red hot chili peppers). 

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And then the salad. Horiatiki with no doubt. Horiatiki is a local favorite that usually contains tomato, cucumber, olives, onions, and feta cheese, sprinkled with olive oil and oregano.

The main dishes for you to add to your very Greek taverna table can vary depending on the place you visit. However, in tavernas, you will come across some very delicious traditionally home-cooked meals. Some of the must-try are pastichio -something like greek “lasagne” and moussaka – a summer dish with vegetable and minced meat. You will also find a variety of meat dishes on the menu that usually come along with french fries or rice. 

If you are not a meat fan, then you can definitely try a “Psarotaverna”, a taverna with dishes based on fish. There you must order fried squids and roasted octopus. 

That is your local’s insight into the Greek taverna. Now you can order like a local and experience Greek gastronomy in its entire glory!

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