A mini introduction to Chios

Chios, the lady of the Aegean.

This is a mini introduction to Chios… Discreet and silent, it hides its beauties from the rushing, frivolous looks of passers-by. On the contrary, it holds it for travelers looking for it behind tall stone walls, in narrow alleyways. For those who search for it at the end of steep uphill slopes, in gray steep slopes and gray plateaus. And even, in its history, architecture, tradition, and myths. Located in the middle of the Eastern Aegean and at the crossroads of the sea routes connecting East to West, Chios has been an important center for many centuries.

The Prefecture of Chios, which includes the islands of Oinousses and Psara, has a total area of ​​904 sq.m. The population of Chios is about 50,000 permanent residents. A large proportion of the population living in the center of Chios. The rest is administratively divided into 9 more municipalities.

Nature endowed the island with rich flora! The most famous species, of course, is the mastic tree, which lives only in southern Chios and produces valuable mastic.

Chios mandarin is also a special variety. Plus, let’s not forget the native tulip that radishes the fields of Kambos and Anemona every spring. The island’s road network offers the visitor the opportunity to easily explore and enjoy the diversity that characterizes it. The fertile meadow of Kampos in the central and eastern part of the island is followed by slopes, overgrown with olive trees and mastic trees. All this beauty ends in picturesque coves and small capes in the south. The pine forests of central Chios meet the wilderness in the rocky cliffs and the beauty of the coast in the north.

The long involvement of the Chians with trade and shipping contributed to the development of the island. It provided wealth and prosperity to the inhabitants as well. Today, the island’s economy is mainly based on shipping. Of course, agricultural production, with the most important product being mastic is still a big part of it.

Let’s finish this mini introduction to Chios by stating the fact that the establishment of the University of the Aegean also boosts the local economy and contributes to the spiritual development of the island.

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