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In Greek, Alios stands for difference and this is the core idea of our tour agency. That is, to inspire people to travel differently than the ordinary, to do different things, to accept, respect and try to understand the difference.

Alios Tours was born in a Chinese food market in 2017, while our founders Danai and Stelios were backpacking Asia. During all their travels, they have WorkAwayed, WWOOFed, Couchsurfed, HouseSit and PetSit in an effort to mingle with the locals, to understand the culture and to come closer to the customs. In fact, China was the 36th country they visited and while they were there they met Lee, a Chinese traveller, with whom they travelled for a while. Thus, after endless discussions about China and Greece, Lee said that now that he met two Greeks he will definitely visit Greece to experience it like a local. The idea of a different food tour agency was just seeded 🙂

Coming back from Asia, they moved to Chios where in May 2018 they launched the food tour agency Alios Tours.  They commit to sharing the Greek rich history and culture through off-the-beaten-path tours in Greece. But, Alios Tours is also an Agency that’s offering true food experiences in Greece. Our team consists of passionate travellers, who commit to sharing local food stories, myths & recipes.


Danai Koukoulommati | Alios Tours

Danai Koukoulommati

Founder & Experience Creator

Danai was born in Germany but grew up in Athens, Greece. She studied Shipping and worked in the Shipping industry before packing her backpack to travel Asia for 7 months.

Her motto is “become who you want to be and bring the change you want to see in the world”. She is passionate about many things but her biggest loves are travelling and food.

However, when she is not travelling, she creates experiences and itineraries for other travellers.

Stelios Choulakis

Co-founder & Sales Director

Stelios is a born and bred Chian Greek. He studied Business Administration and worked in the Yachting industry before packing his backpack to travel Asia for 7 months.

His motto is “be your captain with your dreams for a compass and let the winds guide you”. He is passionate about old stories, local legends and vintage items but his biggest loves are sailing and crafts.

However, when he is not sailing alone, he loves sailing with other travellers.


  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Our Ethos

Undoubtedly, we would like to inspire divergent thinking through local gastronomy journeys in Greece. We want to share true food stories, local recipes, myths, our grannie’s nostalgic meals and our land’s secrets with restless travelers.

Alios Tours offers unique gastronomy experiences while promoting and conserving Greece’s ethos and local customs. And of course, with a high commitment to cultural and social sustainability.

We aim to promote the Greek gastronomy and food customs to the explorers and travellers by offering local, gastronomy experiences.

We are passionate about everything we do. In fact, for us, our customers and associates are our families, and we aim to do anything and everything and ensure an experience second to none.

Keeping our promises: first and foremost this is our golden rule. We promise to conduct our business with the highest levels of honesty and ethics.

Being a food tour agency, we strive for a positive impact and top quality services. Actually, by keeping our group sizes small, we can harmonise with the places we explore.

Additionally, putting our hearts and minds into everything we do we seek to create the most authentic yet unique travel and food experiences.

We are creative in our approaches, flexible, responsive and open to change. Being imaginative, we take pleasure in telling the story behind what you see and offering tailor-made services.

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