Accommodation at Chios

Where to stay in Chios

After making your travel arrangements on how to get to Chios, you might be wondering where to stay in Chios! The 10th largest island of the Mediterranean has a large number of hotels of all different categories as well as rooms to rent. The best place to stay in Chios is just a matter of deciding what you are looking for during your time on the island!


Staying in a Town or a Village?

Chios is big and you will need at least a week if you want to explore the island. In terms of regions, Chios can be divided into 3 main areas, North, Central and South. On the east part of central Chios, you will find the main town of the island.

Do you want to be close to the shopping area and the island’s nightlife? Then stay at Chios Town or close to it; the protected area of Kampos is a beautiful choice, Karfas or Vrontados for something more touristic.

If you are a nature lover or a passionate hiker, travel north to get a wild natural beauty, historical Ottoman hiking paths, wineries, canyons and gorges and isolated beaches. Kardamyla and Volissos are your best choices.

Central Chios is a strategic choice if you don’t want to miss a thing on the island. The west coast side offers breathtaking sunset views and from there you can access easily the most remote beaches and traditional villages. Take a look at Avgonyma and Lithi.

If you are a history nerd and you want to experience the unique vibes of the Medieval villages, then head south and a pick one of the famous Mastic villages. Mesta, Pyrgi and Olympi are the most popular and touristic ones.


  1. The Best place to stay in Chios for a family with kids

Karfas and Lithi are the two most ideal places for family holidays.

Karfas is the nearest option to Chios Town, the Chios airport and Chios Port. It is a tourist-friendly area with many hotels and rental rooms, as well as beach restaurants and cafes, mini market and a bakery.

The Karfas beach is sandy and very shallow and thus very convenient and safe for small kids. Combined with the great food offered by the local restaurants, Karfas makes an ideal spot for a family holiday. The main beach of Lithi is similar to Karfas in terms of suitability for kids and has some water activities and sports to enjoy.


  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for Couples

Our recommendation for a young couple would be to stay in one of the many traditional guesthouses or boutique hotels of the island. If you stay in or around Chios Town, you will have many options for restaurants, taverns and sightseeing. It is also a convenient base from where you can explore the rest of the island, even the most remote corners of it on day trips. Vessa, Agio Galas, Agia Fotia, Lagkada are all great options to explore.


  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for traditional festivals

If you want to experience the local style of celebrating the big Greek days (usually the religious ones), head north or south of the island to experience the Greek ‘panigiri’ (fest with live music, food and a lot of drinking). The two biggest panigiri in Chios happen on the 22nd of July and the 15th of August.


  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for Beach Life

Chios has 91 accessible beaches by car. If you are looking for a “sun & sand” kind of vacation, then staying near those is your best option.

Agia Fotia and Agios Aimilianos are long and spacious even in the busy months, with cafeterias, tavernas and hotels.

Komi and Emporios are very popular beaches for the locals as well. Komi has many beach bars and tavernas and it is great if you are looking for entertainment. Emporios is more peaceful and offers an opportunity to hike the inactive volcano of Psaronas.

Limnia (Volissos) and Nagos are hidden and serene spots. There is a variety of options for accommodation and food, but what makes both places special is the uniqueness of the surrounding nature.


  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for active travellers

If you like adventure and active holidays, then Chios is the right place to be. Head to the Northern villages for trekking and hiking old paths and canyons, to the south for sea kayaking or scuba diving in caves and crystal clear waters or mountain biking between the towers (viglas), to the east for sailing, windsurfing or kitesurfing the Greek-Turkish straight.


  1. The Best Place to stay in Chios for Great Sunset Views

For spectacular sunset views, head to the Western part of the island, especially Volissos or Avgonyma (Avgonima).


Important numbers:

Chios Hoteliers Association

T: +30 22710 81 201

Chios Association of Rooms to Let & Apartments

T: +30 22710 32 900

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