So, you visited the Mediterranean island of your dreams but you don’t want to do the same old touristy things? Don’t worry we got you! There are plenty of agricultural activities you can do in Chios! Plus this way you’ll get to know the true essence of the island. For a moment there you’ll feel like a local yourself.

How can that be you ask? Can you really experience the process of producing agricultural products such as mastic, wine, Chios figs and so much more? Well, yes! You sure can! And you should definitely do it!

There are many excursions taking place in different locations of Chios, usually in the countryside that almost always end up being a gastronomic surprise! If you visit the island of Chios during the period from April up until November you will have more than enough agricultural activities, to choose from, that you can do in Chios. Some are also custom made!

What are our personal favorites? The ones that with no doubt we recommend you to try?

  • The demonstration of the special Chios mastic production

  • Experience hiking in the most picturesque locations

  • The harvesting and distillation of figs

  • And of course, visiting the distilleries and other agricultural processing of plants

The Alios Tours guided tours strive to offer a piece of history, as well as the hands-on experience, at all times. We are true believers that knowing the details of a place is what makes you really learn about it. You can’t say that you visited a place just because you spent a few days there. You have to get involved. When you experience first hand the elements that create a place to begin with, that’s when you actually get to know it. Chios is diverse and complex. It has a rich history, more than enough locally grown and produced products and its residents have stories to share that you won’t find anywhere else. All you have to do is be there!

We keep adding recipes, foodie tips, and all you need to know about Greek food on a weekly basis.

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