All about a very greek breakfast is your guide to Greek mornings! There is a saying that goes: your breakfast should be like a king’s, your lunch should be like a duke’s and your dinner like a peasant’s. Greek breakfast is a mixture of fresh elements, different flavors, sometimes sweet, most times savory… But always delicious! The options are many, so let’s begin. We must warn you though, you might feel a bit hungry after this article!

Yogurt with Honey 

A combo made from heaven. Greek yogurt. Creamy texture, always top quality and flavor, combined with healthy probiotic qualities.  What a better way to kick off a long day? Add a spoon of honey to your yogurt and maybe almonds or fresh fruit. This will provide you the energy you need for the rest of the day.

Eliopsomo: Greek Olive Bread

Once you visit a traditional Greek bakery, you will encounter a great number of choices for breakfast. Eliopsomo is a bread dough simply mixed with olives. You can add your favorite Greek cheese and serve it with your cup of coffee. 

“Koulouri” for a very Greek morning

Koulouri is the most popular Greek morning snack. It is a round-shaped bread sprinkled with sesame seeds. You can find koulouri everywhere. You can also fill it with cream cheese, chocolate or anything else you like. Good to know: The epitome of Greek breakfast comes from our beloved city of Thessaloniki!

Greek phyllo pites

Pites are delicious savory Greek pies made with phyllo dough and filled with cheese, spinach and sometimes even meat or vegetables. You can find them in a Greek bakery and they really are a must-try taste for a proper Greek breakfast. Don’t forget to try the “king” of pites, the sweet bougatsa. Bougatsa is a sweet pleasure that is filled with sweet semolina cream. Make sure to sprinkle it with cinnamon and powdered sugar for the whole experience.

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The “very Grandma’s” breakfast

The Greek grandma’s breakfast is simple, yet very nutritious. A slice of bread with some butter and honey on it and a boiled egg. They always pair it with freshly squeezed orange juice -that we all must drink very quickly or else it loses its vitamins. The last missing piece of the Greek breakfast puzzle is always the Greek coffee. Make sure you try it. 

Whether sweet or savory, it provides us with the necessary energy to kick start our day. That’s why we love and can’t leave the house without having breakfast in the morning. Sometimes, though you need something new, fresh and different. That’s when we are all about a very Greek breakfast.


We keep adding recipes, foodie tips, and all you need to know about Greek food on a weekly basis.

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