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Greek Easter: A Foodies Guide

There are certain foods intrinsic to the Greek way of life, most of which are enjoyed over the Greek Easter. From spit-roast lamb to special biscuits (koulourakia paschalina), there’s a reason why food is front and center of the celebrations. As the biggest holiday in the Greek calendar, even eclipsing Christmas, a visit to the

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Raki Versus Ouzo

Local spirits – every country has its own, notably Raki and Ouzo. In Germany this is Schnapps, in America it’s bourbon, and in Italy it’s Grappa. So, when it comes to great Greek national liquors, there’s only one possible choice; Ouzo. Or is there? Thanks to its geographic position, Raki has become another popular tipple

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Six of the most Delicious Greek Destinations

Greece is known the world over for its great testing produces. But with more than 227 islands scattered across the Aegean Sea (let alone the mainland), how do you know where to go? To help you decide, here are six foodie destinations in Greece:   Santorini When you conjure up images of Greece in your

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Mastic: The Hidden Gem of Greece

It’s astonishing to think that there are some 227 islands that make up Greece (one being a hidden gem for mastic). Each with its own distinctive traditions, foods, and flavors. With its close proximity to Turkey, Chios is one of the most famous islands for its world-famous export: mastic.   What is mastic? The name

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Greek Street Food: All You Need To Know

Sun, sea… and street food; not only are they the perfect ingredients for a vacation, but they’re also what we’re known for here in Greece. In a country where food is a way of life, many who visit are inspired by the abundance of fresh street food, bursting with flavor. From olives to gyro, and

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Crete: A complete guide

Crete is a magical island that offers everything. From big nightclubs full of people in small taverns in isolated mountains that the only person around you, will be the old lady that is cooks and serves you in her restaurant, that is operating for generations. Visit wonderful beaches with the most amazing sceneries that you

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Greece Food Map

Greece is an endless paradise of flavors and aromas. Each place has its own traditional products that you must try if you consider yourself a foodie. So, let’s see some of the most famous traditional products around Greece and the places that you can find them. Raki – Crete Everyone that reads my articles can

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Visit Crete: 4 local festivals you should know

Before visiting Crete, Greece’s largest island you know it is famous for the varied terrain. From fine-sand beaches like Elafonisi to the amazing and countless summits of the White Mountains. But how much do you for the Greek food and local festivals?  Crete’s traditions are also known to stand strong without being changed throughout the

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The Best Street Food in Athens

Street food in Greece is a big a thing. In every corner you will come across hidden gems with the best posibble tastes; savory and sweet. The sprawling metropolis of Athens makes it a must-visit for those with a love of; culture, history and food. Indeed, eating is at the heart of Greek culture, with

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