Best Beaches in Chios Island

1. Mavra Volia: the Volcanic Beach

chios mavra volia

Type: Pebbled

Why you should visit: Mavra Volia  is one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches of the island. It is famous for the large black pebbles that resulted from a volcanic explosion. The sea at Mavra Volia is crystal clear. There are cafes and taverns nearby offering great food and beverage options.

How to get there: The Mavra Volia beach is located in the southern part of the island, 5 km from Pyrgi.  Follow the signs to Emporios and you will see the signs leading to Mavra Volia beach.

2. Agia Dynami

agia dynami

Type: Sand/Small pebbles

Why you should visit: Aghia Dynami is a quiet, unspoilt beach. It is named after the nearby chapel of Holy Power. The sea at this beach a unique emerald colour and are crystal clear.

How to get there: Agia Dynami is located 36 km south-west of the town of Chios and 7 miles south of Olympi village. From Olimpi/Mesta there are signs leading to the beach.vra Volia beach.

3. Apothika Bay

agia dynami

Type: Sand/ Small pebbles

Why you should visit:  Apothika is a yet another serene, blue corner of Chios. It is sheltered from the Aegean winds and has crystal clear waters. It is is one of the most favorite beaches for both locals and visitors. There are also available activities such as canoeing.

How to get there:

Apothika is located 4.5 km from Mesta. The car road leading to to Apothika stops about 100 metres from the beach, so you will need to walk for a few minutes. 

4. Giosonas Beach

giosonas beach chios

Type: Pebbled

Why you should visit: Yossonas bay is a white pebble beach. It is one of the largest beaches of Chios and is  an ideal choice for those who prefer a quiet day at the beach.

How to get there: The beach is located about 6 Km from Kardamyla.

5. Oz Bay

oz bay chios

Type: Small pebbles/sand

Why you should visit: Oz Bay boasts not only a serene, calm beach but also magnificent views on the Agios Isidoros chapel – one of the most famous sights in Chios. Oz Bay has a beach bar offering great music, unique cocktails and bistro type food.

How to get there: Oz Bay is located about 15 km North of Chios Town. Follow the signs to Agios Isidoros.

6. Karinta 

Karinta chios

Type: Pebbled

Why you should visit: Karinta is a lovely pebble beach with crystal clear waters.  It is very quiet and not crowded at all, even in summer months.  There is also a small tavern nearby.

How to get there:  Karinta is located about 6 km south of the Pirgi.


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