Best Outdoor Activities in Chios: Staying Active on the Island

Travelers know Chios for its rich medieval heritage, serene beaches, and picturesque villages. Chios also offers amazing outdoor activities for travelers who want to get moving during their holidays. Due to its geography, the island offers both land and water sports facilities: you can experience hiking, walking, cycling, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and many other sports activities on Chios. So, let’s dive into the best outdoor activities in Chios because staying active on the island is easy and fun!

Hiking and Walking

best outdoor activities

What better way of discovering Chios than walking through one of the many picturesque hiking trails of the island! Whether you are an experienced hiker or a beginner looking for an occasional hiking adventure, Chios offers hiking trails for all levels.

The South, Central, and North parts of the Island varying topographies of hiking trails. You can check out detailed information about the hiking trails here.


In addition, another favorite on the list of the best outdoor activities in Chios. Alongside a lot of hilly terrains, Chios offers a surprising amount of flat landscape ideal for biking. We highly recommend heading to the Kampos area in the South of the Island for a day of biking! Kampos combines a flat terrain with beautiful villages with green narrow alleys among citrus orchards. Biking in this area is easy, suitable for everyone, and highly enjoyable. You can cycle the Kampos alleys and the vast citrus orchards and discover some of the most noted mansions of the area whose contractions dates back to Genoese domination.

If you prefer to combine biking with visiting unique sights in the area and learning more about its history, you can take part in the Cycling Kampos Bike Tour or the Mastiha Cycling Tour. 

Sailing and Water Sports

Moreover, if you want to truly immerse yourself in the traditions of Chios and feel the spirit of the island, prepare to go out to the open seas! Chios takes a lot of pride in its rich maritime history and world-famous ships and sailors. While you’re in Chios, book a Full-Day Sailing tour to enjoy a day riding the same waves as the Chian-marines used to sail to transport the local products worldwide. If you prefer to dive into the turquoise waters, there are many scuba diving and snorkeling experiences offered on the island. Windsurfing and kitesurfing spots are waiting for those who prefer to chase the winds and the waves.


Lastly, we are finishing off with the best outdoor activities in Chios. Kayaking is a top-rated outdoor activity in Chios. If you prefer to explore the seas by yourself, many of the beaches offer kayaks for rent. If you are looking for a longer guided kayak tour, there are many offerings for half-day and full-day guided kayak tours around the island. One of the biggest advantages of guided kayak tours is that you can paddle to nearby small islets.

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