Chios Travel Guide

Are you planning to travel to Chios? Our Chios Travel Guide gives you valuable insights on what to do, where to eat, and what not to miss while on the Greek island.

It is the 5th largest island of Greece and the 10th in the Mediterranean. Located in the Nort East of the Aegean sea, just 6 miles from Turkey has a rich history of merchants’ and shipping. It is also the motherland of the unique spice of mastic.

Chios is a hidden gem among the Greek islands, and it worth your time exploring it. You will be amazed by the differences in architecture, culture, and gastronomy. With more than 90 beaches, it’s the perfect destination to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters. And since it’s a big island you might have the whole beach just for yourself!

Even if you are planning a day trip to Chios from Izmir, make sure to visit the Mastic villages and the Mastic Museum, the famous Chios Castle, and try the mastic liquor.

Mastic: The Hidden Gem of Greece

It’s astonishing to think that there are some 227 islands that make up Greece (one being a hidden gem for mastic). Each with its own distinctive traditions, foods, and flavors. With its close proximity to Turkey, Chios is one of the most famous islands for its world-famous export: mastic.   What is mastic? The name

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Six of the most Delicious Greek Destinations

Greece is known the world over for its great testing produces. But with more than 227 islands scattered across the Aegean Sea (let alone the mainland), how do you know where to go? To help you decide, here are six foodie destinations in Greece:   Santorini When you conjure up images of Greece in your

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Accommodation at Chios

Where to stay in Chios After making your travel arrangements on how to get to Chios, you might be wondering where to stay in Chios! The 10th largest island of the Mediterranean has a large number of hotels of all different categories as well as rooms to rent. The best place to stay in Chios

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Getting around Chios

Transportation in Chios Now that you know how to get to Chios, let’s talk about getting around Chios. Depending on where you stay and for how long you can choose the best transportation or even a combnation of the below options.In order to get around, you can use the urban and intercity public buses, rent a

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Getting to Chios

How to get to Chios Congratulations! You discovered the well-hidden gem of the Aegean, Chios island! Now, you are wondering how to get to Chios. We created a detailed guide on how to reach the 5th largest island of Greece. You can travel to Chios by airplane or ferry. There are daily flights from Athens

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The largest dance of the Aegean in the port of Chios

During the last days of August, everyone who was in Chios had the opportunity to enjoy something more than the crystal clear waters and the sandy beaches. They got to also experience the rich cultural tradition of the island. Plus, they got to dance with people from all over Greece. Thus, during the last days

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Unknown Chios: In the South of Chios

We made it! This is the last piece of the Unknown Chios blog post series and this one is all about mentally traveling in the South of Chios! Hold tight it’s going to be warm and full of sunshine! Let’s explore! To begin with we have to mention the mastic-flavored trips to the southern castles

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Unknown Chios: Central and Western Chios

The Unknown Chios series it’s an article away from the end of its journey with this blog post dedicated to Central and Western Chios. Are you ready to explore this area together? In central and western Chios you can find two of the most important monuments on the island, Nea Moni and Anavatos. One of

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Unknown Chios: Ancient strips of Aipos

This is blogpost number three in the unknown Chios series and it’s the one about the Ancient strips of Aipos! Our journey continues with the same excitement and passion to learn all about it! First off, you should know that in central Chios, very close to Vrontados a barren lunar landscape will reveal in front

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