Chios Travel Guide

Are you planning to travel to Chios? Our Chios Travel Guide gives you valuable insights on what to do, where to eat, and what not to miss while on the Greek island.

It is the 5th largest island of Greece and the 10th in the Mediterranean. Located in the Nort East of the Aegean sea, just 6 miles from Turkey has a rich history of merchants’ and shipping. It is also the motherland of the unique spice of mastic.

Chios is a hidden gem among the Greek islands, and it worth your time exploring it. You will be amazed by the differences in architecture, culture, and gastronomy. With more than 90 beaches, it’s the perfect destination to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters. And since it’s a big island you might have the whole beach just for yourself!

Even if you are planning a day trip to Chios from Izmir, make sure to visit the Mastic villages and the Mastic Museum, the famous Chios Castle, and try the mastic liquor.

The unknown Chios: The Pellinaio Mountain

Number two in the unknown Chios series is the one about the breathtaking Pellinaio Mountain! Let’s continue our journey strong and learn all about it! Pellinaio is the highest mountain on Chios. Its northern peak (Prophet Elias) reaches 1,297 m. and the southern one (Edelos) reaches 1,277 m. It is the symbol of northeast Chios

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The unknown Chios: The paths of Amani

Today marks the start of a new series. Let’s explore the unknown Chios together, starting with the paths of Amani! The area of ​​Amani, is located in the northwestern part of the island and is one of the rare and least prominent destinations of the island. There, the landscape is genuine, authentic, with no (or almost none)

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Agricultural activities you can do in Chios

So, you visited the Mediterranean island of your dreams but you don’t want to do the same old touristy things? Don’t worry we got you! There are plenty of agricultural activities you can do in Chios! Plus this way you’ll get to know the true essence of the island. For a moment there you’ll feel

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A mini introduction to Chios

Chios, the lady of the Aegean. This is a mini introduction to Chios… Discreet and silent, it hides its beauties from the rushing, frivolous looks of passers-by. On the contrary, it holds it for travelers looking for it behind tall stone walls, in narrow alleyways. For those who search for it at the end of

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A piece of Chios history

We know you need to know… So, here it is! A piece of Chios history for you right here! Oenopionas, son of the god Dionysus was the one who started it all. Mythology mentions him as the first settler on the island, who named Chios in honor of Chion’s daughter. During the 1st millennium BC,

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Local Chios products you shouldn’t miss

There is no doubt that Chios is a blessed island! Its fertile soil and exceptional climate are key components in the production of so many different and always high-quality local products. But do you know which local products you shouldn’t miss trying while in Chios? Of course, Chios mastic is the most well-known product that

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Summer in Chios: Experience of the panigiri

Summer in Chios! Oh, the countless traditional festivals to choose from! But have you experienced the fascinating festival of the panigiri? Some of you might visit Chios and have in mind that you’ll spend hours exploring the culture and art in the museums of the island. And that’s true! But that’s not the only activity

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Chios by night: Having fun is easy!

So, you’ve found yourself in Chios and you’re wondering what is there to do in the night-time? Well, there are plenty of available options to choose from no matter what is your style! Chios by night is a delightful surprise and you’ll see that having fun is easy!   You might not expect all the

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Most beautiful villages in Chios

The information in this article is for you whether you have visited Chios before or whether you are about to do so for the first time! This Greek island offers natural beauty like no other. The medieval atmosphere, the serene vibes the kind locals… all that and so much more can unravel right in front

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