Greek Cuisine

What can we first say for Greek cuisine? As foodies, we are obsessed with Greek cuisine and local products.

Greece is an agricultural country, with vast farm fields, surrounded by water, packed with many islands. The Mediteterean climate helps the cultivation of most vegetables and fruits and the breed of sheep and goats. The island life is mainly supported by fishermen and local producers.

Greek cuisine has a history of thousands of years, starting from Ancient Greece, moving to the Byzantine period, and surviving until today. It is heavily influenced by the Middle Eastern, Ottoman and Italian cuisines due to the commercial routes and the colonies.

The most characteristic and ancient element of Greek cuisine is olive oil, which is used in most dishes. Greek dishes are based on vegetables, grains, fish, and meat. Important ingredients include olives, pasta, cheese, lemon juice, herbs, bread, and yogurt.

Each region has its own local cuisine and recipes. The local dishes depend on what is produced by the region and the climate. The most common cuisines are the Epirotic, Cretan, Macedonian, Peloponnesian, and the cuisine of the Aegean islands.

Wherever you are traveling make sure to research the traditional dishes and try the local recipes of the destination. Kali orexi!

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