Chios Through the Eyes of a Local

Born and bred in Chios island, I have to split my time on the island into three significant periods.

The first starts as a kid travelling in Southern part with my parents; Pyrgi, Olympoi and Mesta were the first bits of my memory’s mosaic consisting of colours, aromas, tastes, feelings and moments that still give me goosebumps until today.

Medieval Tour

The second period comes with my teenage years. I started exploring the various beaches on a scooter; from the easy-to-access to the more remote and private ones. During that exploration, I realised the wealth that Chios has along its coastline which drove me to visit the less famous but charming villages. Chios’ beauty was unfolding in front of my eyes, intriguing my curiosity to explore anything unknown to me.
Kampos Chios
The third and current period is as a visitor with limited time than before. Now I am looking for castles and monasteries that I haven’t been yet, paths at the Mastic villages that I haven’t hiked before, Canyons and mountains in the Northern part that I haven’t walked yet. Even though the list of the places I have been to is growing, my Wishlist of the places I want to visit isn’t reducing; instead, it’s growing too!
Kampos Chios
When I am asked to give information about the island, I usually don’t know where to start; the love for my birthplace drives me into an endless list of sightseeing. Being the 10th largest island in the Mediterranean, Chios has a rich culture and history that takes time to explore.
Chios Black Pebble Beach
The only certain thing is that the island offers a wide variety of to-dos and to see. From the black pebbles of Emporios bay to the loneliness of Managros beach; from the white and steep rocks of Vroulidia to the crystal clear waters of Fana and Aya Dynami; Chios’ beaches offer any choice even for the pickiest ones. Same goes for the villages.

From the stoned alleys in the Medieval villages and the aroma of mastic to the cool seaside of Lagkada, Katarraktis and Vokaria. Catching the sun rising from the deepest of Anatolia at the Windmills of Vrontados and enjoying the millions of shades of red of the sunset in Avgonima and Sidirounta. From the Kampos’ mandarin groves to the taverns of North Chios that remain untouched by time.

For all the above reasons, and for many more, Chios is welcoming the new and old visitors to discover it.

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