You have probably heard of Greek food and how tasty it is. You might have also tasted it before as it is available worldwide. But the truth is that if you haven’t tasted Greek food in its home, Greece, then you haven’t really tasted. And, of course, you shouldn’t miss out on these flavors of Greece!

This is why we created this article with the top flavors that you just have to taste when in Greece in order to get the full essence of the country! So, begin with this delicious countdown!


Greek flavors

Athens might be the capital of Greece, but Thessaloniki is the capital of food. Koulouri is a well known and loved food for breakfast all around Greece, but for some reason, it tastes completely different when eaten from Thessaloniki! Its round shape and crispy sesame covered crust just look irresistible. Besides the traditional plain flavor, you can find it with cream cheese, merenda (Greek Nutella), or our favorite and more classic raisins!


traditional Greek flavor

This sauce needs to be mentioned as much as possible. It is the perfect side dish for literally any Greek dish, especially meat and the beloved zucchini fritters. What makes it so unique? Maybe the combination of simple ingredients such as fresh, thick full-fat Greek yogurt, grated cucumber, minced garlic, lots of finely chopped dill, extra virgin olive oil and some vinegar. Maybe this combination is just magical or maybe Greeks still haven’t shared their secret ingredient, tzatziki has got us hooked!


must try Greek food

We didn’t lie when we said that Thessaloniki is the capital of food. And bougatsa is here to prove that. Yet another breakfast food but completely different than koulouri. Bougatsa is a leafy pastry filled with cheese, minced meat or vanilla cream. It is most loved in  Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, and Crete.

FUN FACT: Young Greeks eat bougatsa after a night out in the city.


Greek coffee

We’ve mentioned frappe before, but we can’t stress enough the fact that you really have to try this coffee! It’s unlike anything you’ve tasted. And it sure deserves to give it a chance. It’s better consumed during summer time or when it’s warm and of course you have to drink it the Greek way, which means taking a long time to finish!

So, these were some of the flavors of Greece that you must try. Of course, there are many more we will mention in the future! So stay tuned!

We keep adding recipes, foodie tips, and all you need to know about Greek food on a weekly basis.

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