Freshly made: Your typical Greek dinner

Traditionally, in Greece, the largest meal of the day is lunch. Especially on Sundays, the typical resting & relaxing day for almost all Greeks, lunch or dinner takes the form of a small feast. All the family gathers around a table full of delicious, freshly made dishes. And then the loud discussions, jokes and – let’s be honest – often times arguments begin! In today’s article though, we won’t be arguing, because our topic is all about the typical Greek dinner. And who doesn’t love a good meal?

So what are the elements that characterize a typical Greek dinner?

Well, of course, you have to use in each dish fresh, local ingredients. And you have to follow the traditional recipe, that usually comes from a great-great-grandmother!

What about the actual meals? What are some typical dishes that you will definitely find on the table?

Starters are usually:

Some kind of pie, like spanakopita or tiropita. A sauce to dip plenty of freshly baked bread in, like the beloved tzatziki. A Greek salad is a must! And we can’t forget about some kind of fried vegetable, like potatoes, peppers or zucchini and eggplants when in season.

For the main course:

You can’t go wrong with a  comforting pastitsio, the Greek version of lasagna with thick spaghetti with ground meat sauce, topped with bechamel sauce or moussaka, with lots of layers of eggplants and potatoes covered in meat sauce and topped with white cream and grated cheese. Yum!

What about dessert?

Greeks will oftentimes opt for some kind of seasonal fruit platter. But, on special occasions, ravani, a traditional cake made mostly out of semolina flour and eggs and afterward soaked in hot syrup, is always one of the go-to traditional desserts!

With what kind of beverage do they say ‘ya mas’?

When it comes to drinking Greeks don’t hesitate. Wine, beer, tsipouro or ouzo are all welcomed!

We don’t know about you, but we are ready to taste all of these dishes right now! So, cheers to the typical Greek dinner that we are about to prepare!

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