Greek Fall: A delicious gastronomy trip

Summers in Greece are very famous and so is souvlaki. But what about the Greek fall? Well, that’s an absolutely delicious gastronomy trip on its own. The fall must-tries recipes in Greek gastronomy include meat, some vegetables, and feta cheese. Three elements that can make a dish stand out. Here are the three Greek traditional dishes that you should definitely try. Let’s unravel all the hidden recipes on this journey together.


The dish that is the king of Epirus in Greece. Let’s paint a picture. You are in the mountain Pelion, in the very traditional and picturesque village of Makrinitsa. You sit by the fireplace in a tiny cottage built with traditional stones and here comes Spetsofai. The blend of traditional sausage, sweet peppers, and a classic tomato sauce. Isn’t this the dream? 

Also, you can find Spetsofai with other delicious ingredients, too, such as aubergines or some very red hot chili peppers.

And of course, you can’t forget the freshly baked bread.


A very typical dish for vegetarians. Leeks are a common used Greek veggie that you can find in the market. Prasorizo, aka the traditional Greek leek and rice dish, is a very simple and delicious dish that you can prepare in 20 minutes.

Just cook the rice and the leeks together and add some lemon juice and olive oil. However, if you are a tomato enthusiast, you can add some tomato sauce, too. Take this delicious gastronomy trip to a whole other level by trying this dish this fall.


The absolutely traditional Greek bean soup, the epitome of Greek Fall and the perfect dish to end a delicious gastronomy trip. Fasolada is a vegetarian recipe that you can easily make at home. This dish is the perfect Greek soup to make you feel warm after a long day.

Cook beans with olive oil, onions, some carrots, and tomatoes. Simple as that!

Whether Prasorizo, Fasolada or Spetsofai, we can all agree that some dishes can make a cold day, warm and happy! That is the magic of a homecooked meal. An absolutely delicious gastronomy trip has come to an end. But wait till we discover more, Greek fall and winter have so many dishes to offer!

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