Greek orzo with shrimps

Greek orzo cooked in a pan with fresh tomatoes, onion, red pepper, leek, ouzo shrimps and a topping of feta and fresh parshley is a favorite Greek dish for the hot days of the summer.

In fact, it is kind of the perfect meal for a day after the sea or at the porch with friends and family. The whole process of making this Greek recipe is very simple and the flavor… the flavor! You honestly taste the freshness in every bite and you are reminded of Greece, even if you haven’t been there.

ingredients list greek orzo | alios tours

I have to mention to the healthy factor of the Mediterranean diet here. This recipe is full of red peppers, leeks, tomatoes, and onions. All these flavor-rich veggies provide the extra taste to the buttery, comforting orzo recipe.

I highly recommend to use unpeeled shrimps with their heads. All the flavor lies in the shrimp’s shell and the heads make the perfect broth! 

greek orzo shrimps | alios tours

Same goes for the tomato juice. I like the freshly squeezed tomatoes instead of the canned one. An extra tip to take the dish to another level, is to let the tomato juice sit with some pepper, salt, olive oil and ouzo. 

Orzo is of those types of pasta that is very popular in Greece. We cook it with seafood or mushrooms or meat or veggies or even in a soup! 

greek orzo with shrimps | alios tours

greek orzo with shrimps

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 30 minutes | Yield: 2

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Print the ingredients list and use the check boxes to make sure you got them all!



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Cooking Spoon

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Frying Pan

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Cooking Pot


The broth:

The orzo:

9 thoughts on “Greek orzo with shrimps”

  1. Wil Bertram

    This sounds delicious!
    I’m happy I have some ouzo left! I have most of the ingredients already.
    Except orzo and leek. I don’t always see leek here and never used orzo before.
    Looking forward to the lesson!

    1. Hi Wil, happy to hear you have ouzo left! I hope it won’t be hard to find leek and orzo. In case you don’t find any of them, get some rice for risotto and we’ll do an alteration 😉
      See you on Sunday!

      1. Wil Bertram

        I am trying to find you on Facebook right now.
        I have sent your Email to several friends and also put Email and ingredient-list on my timeline.
        I’m Dutch, but visited Greece for many, many years and made friends there. Now I live in the USA, Las Cruces, N.M.

  2. Karin Forsythe Katzeff

    I am one of them that Wil introduced to your online cooking class. When will you publish the directions for this recipe?

    1. Hi Karin and greeting to SF! I just posted all the steps 🙂 let me know how it went!

  3. Karin Forsythe Katzeff

    Forgot to mention that I am also dutch but live in San Francisco, Calif

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