Greek Zucchini Balls

Greek zucchini ball with yogurt dip is a must summer dish! Known as Kolokythokeftedes and they are the BEST appetizer or snack for the beach! Flavor-packed frittes with loads of aromatics, fresh parsley, peppermint and dill!

You can either fry your zucchini balls or bake them in the oven. We usually fry them as they cook faster and they keep their juice but baking them is a healthier option. 

greek zucchini balls | alios tours

Greek zucchini balls secrets

If you are following my Greek recipes, you know by now that I like my veggies and herbs seasonal and fresh. I know it’s hard, but the Greek cuisine is based on seasonality it’s usually from farm to table. Of course, this is not always easy to follow, but when possible do it and you will remember my words!

In few words the biggest secret is for your ingredients to be extra fresh and in season if possible. You can use dried herbs but the result won’t be the same and your fritters won’t be extra juicy.

I grow my own herbs in my balcony so mostly I just pick them from there, but you can find them at any grocery store with fresh products.

greek zucchini balls | alios tours

If you decide to use fresh ingredients make sure to wash them well and let them dry for at least 30′. Or even better use a kitchen cloth to ensure there is no water left.

When you grate the zucchinis you will notice they have enough liquids and we don’t need extra water.

greek zucchini balls | alios tours

These zucchini fritters are best served with a yogurt dip. They are perfect as a party appetizer, or as a light meal. They’re super fun to make and eat, especially during zucchini season.

Ready to make them?

greek zucchini balls AKA kolokythokeftedes

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 20 minutes | Yield: 2

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