Crete is a magical island that offers everything. From big nightclubs full of people in small taverns in isolated mountains that the only person around you, will be the old lady that is cooks and serves you in her restaurant, that is operating for generations. Visit wonderful beaches with the most amazing sceneries that you will get the best Instagram photo, to beaches that the closest person around you is miles away. Try gourmet dishes that will make you go crazy with their unique taste and complexity, to dishes that are extremely simple like a salad with just tomato, cucumber and some olive oil that will make you appreciate simple things. So, here are some tips to make your trip in Crete a one in a lifetime experience!

When to visit

Best time to visit Crete is early and late in the season. Months like May, early June and September are the best to fully enjoy the island. These months the temperature is really good without cold weather and not extremely hot as well. During these months the island is less crowded. That gives you the opportunity to meet people in a more relaxed state, due to their seasonal jobs that are still at low levels.

General tips

If you have the ability to rent a car, it will be a wise choice! This island is big and a car will be really helpful to move around. Be prepared that the roads on the island of Crete are not the best. Especially some mountain roads that are super narrow even for one car! So if you are a new driver you may consider to wait a little bit more before driving in Crete. Transportation is amazingly good so no worries if you end up using these instead of a car.

Except the flip flops that you will be using a lot in the amazing beaches of Crete, you may consider bringing along a pair of sneakers. Some of our beaches are little bit harder to reach. Some other need a little bit of walking, so a pair of sneakers will be a good idea.

Things to do

As I previously mentioned Crete is a place that you will have endless possibilities regardless your way of having fun. Enjoy a relaxing walk in the old harbor of Rethymno and travel back in time with all the historical building around Heraklion. If you are more into nightlife, Malia has a lot of nightclubs! You can enjoy yourself or you can stroll around town and explore the amazing bar scene of Chania. Or visit a more relaxed place to spend your night while listening to traditional music, sipping raki and eating mezes.

Places to visit

If you want to explore the island you can visit some of the most famous beaches! Matala and Elafonissi (the pink sand beach) are not to be missed. Or if you want, you can go to places with less people like Plakias. Or even hike to find some of the most remote beaches around like Marmara. Walk through the famous Gorge of Samaria with the Kri Kris the animals – symbols of Crete. Go spend a night in a mountain shelter to observe the milky way with the closest source of light being miles away. Possibilities are endless on this island.

And of course don’t forget to check our list of the traditional dishes of Crete or the restaurants that you should visit during your stay in Crete. Try gamopilafo in a Cretan feast, sip some Raki in an isolated mountain village, eat some gourmet dishes while enjoying the most beautiful sunset in town. Your trip is going to be full of flavor adventures that will make you fall in love with the island of Crete.

See you there!