Visiting Chios for some might mean exploring nature, for others sightseeing the beautiful historical places and for the few very well-read travelers, it means one thing only: Tasting the traditional culinary delicacies! For a small piece of land, Chios offers a plethora of mouthwatering dishes, varying from fish to meat to handmade pasta and of course sweet treats! So, next time you find yourself in this gorgeous Greek island here are the must-try traditional dishes when in Chios!

  • Slow-cooked goat

It might require an experienced palette (and it’s definitely not vegetarian-friendly). Βut if you are a meat lover you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to taste this. Tender meat slowly cooked for hours in a red tomato sauce until it’s so soft it melts in your mouth. It is usually served with pasta or potatoes.

  • Avgokalamara

Talking about a treat! This traditional dish is actually a small omelet stuffed with minced meat and then rolled into a cylindrical shape. It’s mostly found in Volissos region of central Chios. And if you are thinking that there’s nothing special about this traditional dish, think again. Eggs where never richer or tastier. You’ll know once you try.

  • Herisia (made by hand) pasta

We all love pasta! How can you not? But there comes a point that you can’t eat anything with pasta, it all feels and tastes the same. That’s because they’re missing one key factor: The pasta dishes you’ve been eating weren’t hand made from scratch. The dough, the characteristic shape, the time it has to dry in the sun for… Every single detail is important for this traditional dish to be created. That’s why it tastes like heaven.

  • Malathropitakia

Mini fried ball-shaped pies filled with fennel. These delicious treats are usually served as an appetizer. They are especially tasty thanks to the variety of fennel that grows in Chios which has a unique taste. We highly recommend treating your self to this fried ball of yumminess!

  • Kopanisti

Soft, creamy cheese with a spicy aftertaste. It’s always handmade with the freshest milk and it’s so easily spread on some kind of toasted bread or local, traditional rusk. It is usually eaten alongside a “meze” plate but it’s also an ingredient to many other traditional dishes – such as mini pies.

  • Maridopita 

This traditional dish is actually a fish pie. If you were wondering “marida” is a small fish. You can already tell that this is not an ordinary dish! The taste is so unique that you never really forget it. Certainly, one of the must-try traditional dishes when in Chios!

We keep adding recipes, foodie tips, and all you need to know about Greek food on a weekly basis.

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