Online Cooking Classes: How It Works

Wondering how an online cooking class work? Either a guest or a host, learn all about it!


Put on your PJs, open a bottle of wine, and start a video call with a Greek Cook into into your kitchen – all via Internet.

Learn how to cook Greece’s most delicious recipes, in a private online cooking class all from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

Learn step-by-step popular Greek recipes, cooking tips, and ask all the questions you want!  Your cook will prepare the dish alongside you, watch and coach you as you cook your meal.

Want to know whether to drain the cucumber for your tzatziki? Perhaps tips for seasoning your Greek salad?  How about some insights of the Greek culture? During your private online cooking class you can ask anything! 

Date nights, family dinners, friend gatherings will get more exciting! 

Prep your tech

It's super easy! You just need a laptop or tablet with sound and a microphone, a camera connected to your device, and high speed internet.

Book your class

Check out our online cooking classes and follow the instructions to book!

Prep your kitchen

Once we receive your booking request, a Kitchen Assistant will contact you to arrange a personal Kitchen Prep Session. We will review your Shopping List, any questions you have, and we'll run a camera and audio check.


On the day and time of your online cooking class, our Cook will make a video call via Skype. Then you'll start cooking together! When your Greek meal is ready make sure to take some photos and brag to your friends!


List Your Online Cooking class

List a signature dish or your grandma's recipe or a Greek dish you are passionate about. Submit your experience, and once approved you can begin online hosting. Please contact us if you wish to design the experience together​.

prep your cooking class

Once your online cooking class is approved, a Kitchen Assistant will contact you to arrange a pilot class. Along with her/ him you will do the class, check you tech and fine tune any last details.

respond to requests

Be sure to respond promptly to the booking requests. Be flexible to accommodate any special request or dietary requirements.

Welcome Your Guests!​

Once payment and Kitchen Prep has been made, guests will ready to join your online cooking class on the set date. Get ready to virtually share your passion with them!​


No worries! Our team of Cooking Assistants and experts is here to help!

Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you promptly 🙂

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