How It Works

Wondering how Alios Tours works? Either a guest or a host, learn all about it!


Explore Unique Food Experiences in Greece​

Find eclectic food experiences like a cooking class on board a sailing catamaran or a private food pairing at a Delicatesseria.​

Book Your Favorite

Pick a food activity, share your food preferences, and make payment through Alios Tours secure platform.​


You don't have to bring anything with you, just an empty stomach! Eat great food and make long lasting memories during your trip in Greece!


List Your Food Experiences​

List an experience that you are passionate about. If it already online, add photos and description. Submit your experience, and once approved you can begin hosting. Please contact us if you wish to design the experience together​

Respond To Requests​

Be sure to respond promptly to the requests. Be flexible to accommodate any special request or dietary requirements.

Welcome Your Guests!​

Once payment has been made, guests will receive your contact details. Get ready to share your passion with them!​


No worries! Our team of Cooking Assistants and experts is here to help!

Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you promptly 🙂

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