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Τhe Online baking Class: Christmas Cookies is the ultimate virtual experience to taste the Greek Christmas. Choose between kourambiedes or melomakarona and learn how to make Greek Christmas Cookies from the safety and comfort of your own home.


What to expect from your Online Baking Class: Greek Christmas Cookies

Discover the best recipe for Greek Christmas Cookies and relish the Greek Christmas traditions, during this online baking class. Satisfy your your sweet tooth with the flavorful Greek Christmas cookies. Spend your morning or evening with a Greek cook preparing Christmas delicacies.

Discuss the various Greek Christmas traditions and get invaluable tips on how to spend your Christmas like a Greek. Book now and
experience Greek Christmas tastes from the comfort of your home.

On the date of the Online Baking Class: Greek Christmas Cookies, you will join the live baking class by video call. The local cook will guide you through the secrets of making the best Greek Christmas cookies, live from Greece. The cook will follow you in every step of the online baking class and answer any questions you have.  When we’re done, you’ll receive the recipe in your mailbox; now you can revisit whenever you’re craving some Greek Christmas Cookies.

If you prefer to cook a different Greek delight, please contact us to we can organize a special online experience just for you and your group of friends and families.

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Online Baking Class: Greek Christmas Cookies

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