Greek Meatballs AKA Soutzoukakia

If you haven’t tried Greek meatballs in tomato sauce, you are in for a treat! Known as Soutzoukakia and they are the BEST! Flavor-packed meatballs with loads of aromatics, fresh parsley, ground cumin, cooked in fresh tomato juice! Plus, my grandma’s secret ingredient that makes these Greek meatballs extra juicy!

Soutzoukakia is an all-time favorite Greek dish. In fact, it is kind of the perfect meal for family gatherings. The whole process of making this Greek recipe is very easy and the flavor will pay you back; I promise! 

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Greek meatballs secrets

I have to mention that this is my yiayia’s recipe which runs in the family for generations. Our roots are from Asia Minor so we love using spices and make the tomato sauce thick and rich.

I highly recommend to get the meat from a butcher and ask him to pick good quality, fresh ground meat. The ingredients play a crucial role in your final dish. 

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Same goes for the tomato juice. I prefer the freshly squeezed tomatoes instead of the canned ones. 

Soutzoukakia is of those dishes that reminds you of your childhood at your grandparents’s home on a Sunday afternoon. It’s a very sweet food memory of mine that I’m looking forward to share with you.

These Greek meatballs are extra tender and juicy thanks to a secret ingredient. READY FOR IT? Soak your hands in red wine before shaping them! This is a trick I learned from Yiayia Helen, and it’s one I always use when I make them.

Ready to make them?

greek meatballs recipe | alios tours

greek meatballs AKA sountzoukakia

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cook Time: 30 minutes | Yield: 2

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Cooking Spoon

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Frying Pan

Mixing Bowl


Please come back the day after the live cooking class to read the instructions step-by-step.

The meatballs:

The sauce:

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  1. Wil Bertram

    I saw the meatballs being dipped in the wine. Which seems better to me than wetting your hands with wine.
    And with preparing the sauce, the tomatopaste was added after the tomatosauce if I remember right.

    1. Hi Wil, make sure to remove excess wine from dipping them in the wine, or they’ll explode when put in the frying pan. As for the tomato paste, it’s not a big difference when to add it. Happy you liked the recipes and from your pictures, it seems you had huge success!

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