Summer in Chios! Oh, the countless traditional festivals to choose from! But have you experienced the fascinating festival of the panigiri? Some of you might visit Chios and have in mind that you’ll spend hours exploring the culture and art in the museums of the island. And that’s true! But that’s not the only activity you’ll enjoy! Because ‘Chiotes’ or ‘Chians’ like to have fun and they sure do know how to do it well! What’s our favorite type of entertainment in Chios? The one you should definitely experience at least once in your life? Well, the experience of the panigiri is the only one you need, in order to get a taste of the local culture, while having the time of your life!

Panigiri it’s an acquired taste, that’s for sure.

But even if traditional music or this way of entertainment in general, is not your cup of tea, you should still give it a go! The experience of the panigiri is one of the best ways to get a sense of the local customs first hand if you’re spending your summer in Chios. In festivals like these, locals are at their most original state! You’ll see them dancing, singing, eating local delicacies, drinking ouzo or wine and having the time of their life all night long!

Summer in Chios: Experience of the panigiri

Summer in Chios: Experience of the panigiri

The traditional festival of panigiri in most places takes place each time in a different village. Usually in the village’s main square and most often when it’s some kind of holiday or celebration! While in Chios during the summer and if you find the opportunity, go to the northern part of Chios and experience the panigiri of a village such as those at the mountain of Amani! This way you’ll have the most stunning view alongside the most picturesque location. The tables at the panigiria are set at noon and they last until the next morning!

Nobody leaves a panigiri until they have eaten, drank and danced their hearts out! And that’s a fact.

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