The art of Greek Herbs

The art of Greek herbs starts from the Greek climate that is ideal for growing herbs. From the mountainsides to green meadows, you can find herbs growing naturally.

The ancient Greeks believed that herbs have healing properties and this belief was passed down from generation to generation. Greek grandmas always have the “medicine”, whether you are sick, you have the flu, you are stressed, or you can’t sleep. Let’s unravel some of the secrets of the art of Greek Herbs.

Greek Mountain Tea or Sideritis: A herbal tea for every moment of the day

It is one of the most popular herbal teas in Greece. You can buy it at the market or even find it on your own on the mountainside or forests. Sideritis makes excellent tea with anti-microbial action but you can also use it as a herb in various dishes.

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Mint or Menta: A combination of aroma and healing properties

Greek Mythology has mint named after Minthe, a nymph in the sea, who had an affair with Hades, the God of the Underworld. When Persephone, his wife, learned this, she turned Minthe into the herb that we know today.

Mint is one of the most aromatic Greek herbs, that Greeks use mostly in gastronomy. However, in the form of herbal tea, mint is suitable for indigestion problems, nerve disorders, headaches, and insomnia. Its great aroma makes mint unforgettable.

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Sage or Faskomilo: A unique experience

Sage or Faskomilo or in Latin Salvia is an herb that helps you lower your cholesterol, enhance your memory and soothe skin irritations. It has a unique strong taste. Ancient Greeks believed that Sage stopped death and was the key to immortality and long and healthy life. This belief inspired the Romans to name it Salvia, the one that saves lives.

The art of Greek Herbs has deep roots within the Greek gastronomy. Next time when you feel sick or stressed, seek the answer first to nature, maybe some of the Greek Herbs will do the trick. And when you prepare your tea, don’t forget the spoon of honey before you drink it.

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