The largest dance of the Aegean in the port of Chios

During the last days of August, everyone who was in Chios had the opportunity to enjoy something more than the crystal clear waters and the sandy beaches. They got to also experience the rich cultural tradition of the island. Plus, they got to dance with people from all over Greece. Thus, during the last days of the official summer, the largest dance of the Aegean was created in the port of Chios!


The Society for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage “Chíoi En Choró” and the dozens of volunteers who cheered for it had prepared a rich program of excursions. Including guided tours, activities, and celebrations for all participants.

The festival’s cultural horizons are expanding each year. Plus, the festival has the ability to bring together people of all ages who learn through its actions the essentials of Chios Cultural traditions. It unites them and also teaches them the meaning of volunteering and selfless giving.

Dancers interested in participating could just come to Chios and just sign up for it! The accommodation was provided!

So, naturally, a spectacular event such as this one attracted hundreds of dancers! And they all danced in the port of Chios at the launch of the 5th Chios traditional dance festival.

This particular celebration, behind its fun face, has a deeper meaning as well. It presents the beauties of Myrovolos Chios! It brings out the island’s traditions, so the participants can experience them through actions and events done exclusively for them.

The dancers provided wonderful images and sounds to those found in the separate parade in the port of Chios. And they got the warmest applause of the world. This was everything they ever wanted to gain from this action.

This celebration is gradually becoming an institution. At this point, we should mention that the 5th Mastic Island Dance Festival provided part of its proceeds to meet the needs of the Association of People with Multiple Sclerosis.

In fact this year the entries exceeded any expectations with their number reaching 350. The human chain of 350 dancers embraced the port of Chios. We are talking about the largest dance of the Aegean in the port of Chios, filling it with colors, smiling faces, dancing, and traditional costumes.


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