Today marks the start of a new series. Let’s explore the unknown Chios together, starting with the paths of Amani! The area of ​​Amani, is located in the northwestern part of the island and is one of the rare and least prominent destinations of the island.

There, the landscape is genuine, authentic, with no (or almost none) human intervention. It is no coincidence that the “deserted” and “isolated” Amani is an ideal holiday destination for many nature lovers and explorers all year long. Two main trails totaling 55 km are now connecting the villages of NE Amani. The aim is to extend it gradually to the rest of the area and soon to create a signposted hiking network that will link all the settlements together.

The old stone road to Volissos, the charming capital of northwest Chios, stands out from the pristine trails of this special place.

We are talking about the so-called “Long Strait or Turkish Road”. And it will definitely leave you in awe with its architecture. Plus hiking on it gives a unique impression as well. That’s because it creates the feeling that it travels us straight to the past. Today, with the support of the Kougioulis Foundation and a lot of volunteer work, it is possible to walk about 12.9 km. of the route.

The unknown Chios & especially the paths of Amani never stop to amaze us! Another very interesting route is the one that connects Volissos with the abandoned settlement of Palaia Potamia.

This stone-built, ruined settlement today, hidden in a ditch, was abandoned by residents in the 1960s. People back then had to go out into the sun and build Nea Potamia on the main road. The old trail leading to Volissos is now open and calls for a special 7 km long hiking trail. Finally, from Volissos begins the route to the Malagiotis watermills, a hike along the largest river of Chios, which passes through the stunning church of St. George in the Basilica and four watermills, until it reaches the Panagia of Lagonia. Here, according to legend, Anilus the King bathed every night. The circular route that begins and ends at the magnificent Volissos is 8.5 km long.

North of Volissos, in the settlement of Keramos is a virgin still valley.

There are preserved the magnificent buildings of the Antimony Mines, as well as 40 galleries and several trails of miners. From here begins the path that leads to Ayyasma. In this enchanting location, one can walk and enjoy the beneficial effect of the healing water at the end of the route, as the renovated Hydrotherapy Center is located near their beach. From the village of Nenitouria on the northwestern tip of the island one can now go down the old path to the beach of Agios Georgios Krasa. The name “Krasas” betrays the fact that the area exports the wonderful Aries wine. Actually, the local winery is still producing the exact same wine using the old technique. Fun fact: The roundabout is 7 km long.

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