Unknown Chios: Ancient strips of Aipos

This is blogpost number three in the unknown Chios series and it’s the one about the Ancient strips of Aipos! Our journey continues with the same excitement and passion to learn all about it!

First off, you should know that in central Chios, very close to Vrontados a barren lunar landscape will reveal in front of you! But only if you drive by car to Volissos. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you have to see this place with your own eyes. Or else you’ll hardly believe that in this region, which may be reminiscent of the highlands of Asia and Latin America, there are plenty of treasures awaiting hidden. It’s like they are waiting for centuries to be picked by the ones who deserve it. These gray rocks constitute the uniqueness and wilderness of the Aipos mountain. At every rampart, at every peak, at every plateau, in the viscera of this unique place, you will come across vivid traces of human presence. Starting from prehistoric times, clinging to the ground in the astonishing nature.

The unknown Chios has many surprises for us. And the Ancient strips of Aipos will mesmerize you! Walking in the footsteps of our ancestors and treading the same ancient paths, it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

You will come to know in-depth and experience with all your senses the magic of this familiar and yet so unknown place. Walking on its quiet trails will make you feel deeply relaxed while at the same time being filled with energy! Today many livestock farmers live here with their herds. Plus, if you have time just sit with them and let them tell you endless legends and myths.

You will hear about Homer’s passage from Eggisa, Anilio the King and the Wide well. Let’s not forget the legendary hero Drimakos, the Byzantine lord Andronaktos, and treasures hidden in wells. History and legend are muddled when you rest on the meadow of the Rou, in the Casaglia well or in the Babakies sanctuary with its stunning old fountains and traces of settlements and sanctuaries.

The surprises are endless in this wild and serene place in the area of the ancient strips of Mount Aipos. The flocks of herds and the bird’s cheerings will be the only sounds to interrupt the absolute silence. In addition, the view is unique. Moreover, in the heart of the Ancient strips of Aipos, a network of routes develops on ancient trails, connecting places such as the meadow of Rou, Eggisa, Androlako, Babakies, Fountana. The total length exceeds 20 km. But it can be done in parts.

Furthermore, something worth mentioning is the fact that there is a path leading to the footsteps of Drimakos, an extremely known leader of the slaves. He was hunted for many years in the inaccessible mountains of Aipos, without success, until his servant betrayed him. The rulers killed him, but quickly repented, since they could no longer control the rebel slaves.

Lastly, equally noteworthy is the 8 km roundabout. It connects ancient sites, such as Flori, with 24 ancient wells, Chamospilo, Rimokastro, and Spartina. However, there is no way we don’t mention the Hellenotrata, the oldest strata of the island, which connected the city of Chios with Kydianta, Koila, Kardamili, Pitios, and Anavatos.

Curious to learn more about Chios other than all these interesting facts about the ancient strips of Mount Aipos?

Hold tight for the next articles of this series.

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