Unknown Chios: In the South of Chios

We made it! This is the last piece of the Unknown Chios blog post series and this one is all about mentally traveling in the South of Chios! Hold tight it’s going to be warm and full of sunshine! Let’s explore!

To begin with we have to mention the mastic-flavored trips to the southern castles of the island, dotted with dust and amazing coastlines.

It is an impressive 8.5 km long route. It connects the Olympus villages with Mesta and then passes through the spectacular Mersini. Mersini is an old part of New Monastery with stone-built tassels, ending in Mesta Port. If you decide to hike this route, you definitely won’t regret it! You will be moving through old stone passageways between string fields!

Another route that still needs work connects the spectacular Theoktista, a 70 m stone wall, which defines the old path, with Panagia Sikelia, Asprochomata, and Choriatostrata. Unfortunately, only a part of the cobbled path and a magnificent fountain are saved. That is mostly due to the fact that most of the stone part of the route was destroyed by the dam construction. Thus, depriving it of the opportunity to connect with Kalamoti.

Anyone who walks here in the South, during the end of March is up to a big surprise! They will be lucky enough to admire the ‘lalades’, the wild tulips that create one of the most unique looking fields.

Unknown Chios: In the South

The magnificent old passageway that went from the Olympus villages to the stunning Salagona beach is about 5 km long. It is accessible, making possible the wonderful combination of hiking and swimming a combined adventure! If some of you choose to do this and then decide to continue from the coastal trail you will approach the Aghia Dynami. This beach with its unique turquoise waters will mesmerize you! After that, you will reach the Olympus Cave and you will reach the beach of Fanon with the Temple of Apollo Fanaeus.

We can’t end the last blog post of the Unknown Chios in the South of Chios, without mentioning the so-called “Lava Trails”.  They connect the volcanic Black Volia with Emporio, Komi and the temple of Athena.

Now that the series is over, let us know in the comments below: Did you read them all? Which one was your favorite? Which one inspired to visit Chios? Would you choose to go traveling in the South of Chios or start from the North?

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