What you have to do if it’s your first time in Chios

Is the next trip you’re going to the island of Chios? Whether you have anticipated for that to happen for a long time and you already know exactly what you want to do or it was more of a last-minute decision and you haven’t really planned anything yet… This is the only guide that every Chios first-time traveler needs. So here’s what you have to do if it’s your first time in Chios… approved by locals!

You can’t miss visiting

Pyrgi, Mesta and of course Olympi. These are not your average island village. They’re fascinating medieval villages with a very interesting history! And then there’s also Mavra Volia, which means ‘Black Pebble’. A truly stunning beach, you just have to go swimming there! The small cliff inside the water, just calls you to jump from into the sea!

A visit to

Nea Moni Monastery is a must! And since you’re there you have to pass through Anavatos as well.

Swim time

Elinda beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chios. What makes it even better is the fact that is so isolated. And actually, it’s located in a cove, how cool is that? Plus, the water is crystal clear and super cold! Only go inside if you like that. Lithi beach can be your next choice, easily! It is also gorgeous. The west side of the beach is lined with watchtowers. Can you guess what they were so helpful in medieval times?

Don’t forget to drive through

Kampos area, definitely something you have to do if it’s your first time in Chios. First thing you’ll notice once you are the extremely charming mansions scattered all over this area. If you decide on staying in Kambos for lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed! Plus, there are different taverns and restaurants to choose from no matter what you are in the mood for.

Our last suggestion

During your time in Chios town or ‘Hora’, as you’ll hear it more often… Make sure to find a little shop that makes loukoumades and we promise you’ll thank us later! Loukoumades are actually mini ball-shaped fried donuts that are covered, either in honey or chocolate, depending on what you like. You can top them with ice-cream as well! They are to die for!

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