Why Greek food is a vegetarian’s dream

What’s the first Greek meal that comes to your mind? Is it the mouthwatering souvlaki? Or maybe the scrumptious moussakas? Well, these dishes are indeed a huge part of Greece’s modern gastronomy, but that doesn’t mean that Greek food isn’t a vegetarian’s dream too!

In fact, most Greeks will eat at least one vegetarian meal per day. And that’s on a day to day basis.

If you look more into the Greek gastronomy and the traditional dishes, you will soon realize how vegetarian-friendly is Greece in reality.

Greek food is not only a vegetarian dream come true but is also super healthy! Greeks consider the nutritional value of each dish as an important factor when creating it. This approach has its roots in ancient Greece, where people viewed the gathering of ingredients as well as the actual process of cooking as a spiritual experience. Many people consider Pythagoras, the ancient Greek philosopher, as one of the first people to practice vegetarianism as an act of nonviolence to animals.

Of course, as the years passed meat became more available and people began to consume it at a more frequent pace. It was still a luxury though. The average Greek couldn’t afford to eat meat more than twice a year. Their everyday diet was filled with fruits and vegetables. Just like nowadays.

What’s another reason why Greek food is a vegetarian’s dream?

Well, the majority of the Greek population is Orthodox. Their religious guidance is consists of extended periods of religious fasting, where Greeks have to stop consuming animal products. Because of that, Orthodox people in Greece are used to eating animal-free meals and have developed lots of nutritious alternatives to satisfy their eternal desire for delicious meals!

What should a vegetarian expect when visiting Greece? A plethora of options. All ensuring that you won’t miss the true essence of Greek gastronomy. So, because Greek food is a vegetarian’s dream. Don’t miss trying traditional dishes such as gemista or horta, gigantes or saganaki and of the Greek desserts! Cheers to yummy meals!

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