Why Greek wine makes us happy!

Greeks say that “wine makes the heart happy – especially the Greek kind” and truth be told; it does! Wine has always been an integral part of Greek culture. The history of wine in Greece is one of the longest in the world. Wine is a unique element of the Greek gastronomy and an important part of festivities. Today we will travel through Greece’s most unique wine-producing regions and will present wines that can expand your palette. Plus, if you are curious to find out all the reasons why Greek wine makes us happy, this the right article for you.

Santorini: the island of wine

The island of Santorini features one of the most prestigious groups of own-rooted and phylloxera-free Vineyard, which is a monument for 3.500 years now. The wine of Santorini became famous in the Middle Ages under the influence of the then Republic of Venice. Furthermore, the Italian influence is very prominent in the very notorious wine “Vinsanto”, made from a process of drying the grapes in the sun after the harvest. Santorini also produces a great variety of white grapes wines such as Assyrtiko and Athyri.

The wine of Santorini is the essence of Greek summer in a glass!

Naousa: the town of wine

Naousa is the town of wine in the region of Makedonia. The famous variety of “Xinomavro” is one of the noblest and rare varieties of red wine in the world. Also, the red wine of “Xinomavro” grapes is a product with Protected Designation of Origin since 1971.

Xinomavro wine is a unique combination of fall and winter gastronomic journeys. It is a perfect match with meat dishes as it highlights the uniqueness of the Greek gastronomy.

However, whether you prefer red wine or white wine or even rose, Greek wine offers a wide variety of tastes and mixes to explore. Over the last years, the greek wine producers have made progress in reaching a fully organic level of production, which makes the wine even more remarkable.

So, if that’s why Greek wine makes us happy, then let’s pour a full glass of yumminess and cheers to that!

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